by Gina Ermer

Fringe Dweller by Gina Ermer

is an all Australian fashion label and store based in Newcastle NSW. The design ethos is based on issues surrounding sustainability and ethics in design and business.

Ermer is the designer of the garments which are designed for comfort, quality and fit. She is influenced by a Japanese aesthetic in it's simplicity and attention to detail.

Garments are made in natural fabrics, which come from the earth and will eventually biodegrade back into the earth. Natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen, silk and wool are more comfortable to wear as they are breathable. Fringe Dweller's fit is also loose and easy to wear and suitable for women of all ages.


Ermer is the fashion designer/maker who designs, makes the patterns and sews all samples in store before testing and being put into production. Production occurs instore or in Sydney to ensure that workers are ensured a fair wage and working conditions.

Gina Ermer is the Australian distributor for the Chilean handmade leather shoe brand, Tada.

Every pair of Tada shoes is handmade by shoemakers in Chile using the softest leather for lining and the upper. The leather has certification in the tannery process ensuring safe procedures are used in the production. The soles are made entirely of natural rubber which comes from a Brazilian tree, called Hevea Brasiliensis.
The combination of the soft leather and the rubber sole offers a flexible shoe designed for utmost comfort.
The name Tada, comes from Tadasana, the first pose in yoga, which means 'to stand well'. We incorporate this idea into the design of our shoes to ensure the best possible posture by allowing the weight to be distributed evenly across the foot in the metatarsal and heel which results in healthy and flexible feet.


  by Gina Ermer



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Newcastle NSW 2300



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